12 AI Marketing Tools you should Consider Adding to your Tech Stack


It’s the term on everyone’s lips, and it’s only getting bigger. Of course, we’re talking about AI. It has the power to change the marketing world as we know it — so don’t get left behind.

To keep you ahead of the curve, we’ve collated a list of AI marketing tools you should consider for your team, covering social, content, paid media and more. You’ll want to bookmark these for later.


1. ChatGPT

We couldn’t bring you a list of AI marketing tools without mentioning perhaps the biggest name. We’re talking about OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Driven by natural language processing (NLP), this chatbot can process text-based prompts, allowing human-like conversations.

You can use it for pretty much anything text-based. Need a blog framework creating? It can do that. Want to conduct research quickly? No problem. Looking for a quick social caption? That too. It’s free to use and has many marketing benefits — why not explore them?


2. Brandwatch


<Credit: Brandwatch>

Want to get to know your consumers on a deeper level? Brandwatch is the answer. The consumer intelligence platform uses AI to search and segment millions of posts before offering analysis, actions and valuable insights for your marketing campaigns.

It boasts an impressive dataset of historical, real-time and diverse data, which it combines with AI to offer insights at a glance,  conducting image analysis and machine learning to segment data automatically.


3. Jasper.ai

If content writing is at the top of your list when seeking the best AI marketing tools, look no further than Jasper.ai. Widely renowned as one of the best content AI marketing tools, Jasper.ai works to make your team more efficient and effective.

The best bit about Jasper is you can train it on your brand’s tone of voice. A main criticism of AI marketing tools is that they lack personality and sound robotic, but Jasper’s learning model mitigates that. Need blogs, social captions, emails, downloads and more writing? This is the tool to add to your tech stack.


4. Midjourney


<Credit: Dexerto>

By now, we’ve all seen AI-generated images, and the quality is impressive. One of the top AI image-generation tools is Midjourney. Simply type in your text-based prompt in Discord and prepare to be impressed by the results.

Design is a massive part of what makes marketing so important and tools like Midjourney save creatives time finding the image that’s exactly right. Generate images specific to your activities without all the hard labor.


5. SeventhSense

One of the biggest benefits of AI is the data and analytics it can bring us. SeventhSense is a perfect case of this. Primarily an email delivery optimization tool, SeventhSense uses AI to analyze the best time to send your email based on the recipient’s inbox activity.

If open and click-through rates aren’t what you expect, perhaps you’re sending your emails at a bad time. SeventhSense uses data analysis to cut through the noise in recipients’ inboxes, boosting your email metrics.


6. Flick


<Credit: Flick>

Are you hitting a creative wall with your social channels? Are your posts not generating the results you hoped for? Social media AI marketing tool, Flick, might be one to add to your list.

More than just a copywriting tool, Flick uses AI to generate post ideas, write captions, schedule posts for the best engagement and provide deep performance analysis. Growing and managing your socials has never been easier. 


7. ProRankTracker

An SEO tool that’s worth a mention is ProRankTracker, a rank-tracking and reporting AI marketing tool that helps you get the most out of your SEO strategies.

ProRankTracker uses AI to generate reliable rank tracking, analyze data for informed decision-making and helps create custom reports for deeper analysis.


8. Smartly.io


<Credit: G2>

Paid advertising can be a minefield, but it’s made much easier with Smartly.io. This all-in-one AI-powered advertising platform allows you to reach multiple audiences with high-performing ads.

The platform uses workflows to automate campaigns and predictive algorithms to optimize bids and budgets, taking the heavy lifting from your marketing team. You can create, test and optimize your ads from within the tool, saving time and generating efficiencies.


9. Namora.ai

Sales and marketing go hand in hand, so we wanted to show you Namora.ai, an innovative sales outreach AI tool. Powered by GPT-4, this tool enhances prospecting, personalizes outreach and makes your sales team more productive.

What are the benefits of Namora.ai? Save time by using automation workflows. Perform CRM actions without human intervention. Gain rapid intel on potential leads. It’s an AI-powered platform that helps sales run smoother.


10. Polymer


<Credit: Polymer>

There’s no doubt the power of marketing lies in the data, which is why tools like Polymer are more than worth your time. Polymer connects with your datasets and uses AI to uncover visualizations and dashboards to give you powerful insights.

You can bring in data from Google, Facebook or other platforms to analyze content, identify high-performing posts and more. The best part? They’re all presented in digestible dashboards that you can share easily with the rest of your team.


11. Generative Fill

With so many innovative tools coming into play, it’s no surprise the big players are releasing AI tools to keep up with the pace. Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill is a perfect example of this.

Generative Fill uses Adobe Firefly generative AI to remove or replace objects within images from text-based prompts. What would have previously taken designers and retouchers time can be done in seconds, thanks to the powers of AI.


12. Brand24


<Credit: Brand24>

Social listening tools are the difference between good campaigns and great ones, which is why you should consider adding Brand24 to your tech stack. This AI-powered social listening tool gives you insights to optimize your social activity.

Brand24 uses AI to monitor brands, analyze sentiment, track reach, measure awareness and generate the reports that help you build successful marketing campaigns. You’ll have an accurate view of consumer sentiment and behavior to help protect your brand and increase revenue.


Want to know how else AI can boost your marketing efforts?

Our guide has all the answers. This quick, one-stop resource features all the tools, use cases and future insights for you to roll out and see the impact. Download your copy now.

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