New to Circus Street and still have some questions? Maybe we can answer them here. 

How often do you refresh your lessons and keep them on trend?

Our content team is constantly reviewing and updating our lessons to meet the evolving needs of our learners and the business world. This is done either in part by harnessing our technology to refresh specific sections of content or by replacing and introducing brand new lessons and courses.

How do we know we will achieve our desired learning outcome?

We start each new initiative by creating a custom learning pathway tailored to your individual learners and your business needs. This puts learners on the right path from the start of their learning journey. Our customer success teams ensure learner engagement throughout the program. Plus, the platform itself has inbuilt pre and post-assessment tools to monitor learner progress for each lesson.

Can you help create a bespoke program or tailor your learning programs?

Although we don't create custom content, we have sector-specific content in many cases, and our learning programs are tailored to meet individual and organizational needs. We also have semi-bespoke solutions that integrate with your SME lead content. Get in touch to find out more.

How do you ensure learners stay engaged and complete a program?

Our customer success team helps identify and engage segments of unengaged learners and intervene early. They work with clients to make sure learners are engaged using competitions, leaderboards, and other engagement tactics.

How are your lessons and programs suitable to people in different business functions and at different stages in their careers?

We work with each client to create a framework tailored to their company's goals. The framework maps objectives to the various employee career stages and skill levels. We start each initiative by analyzing job functions, organizational levels, and training needs to create a program that’s customized for the needs of your company while being tailored to the learning needs of departments and individual learners. 

Can we see some examples of your clients innovating due to your programs?

You can see some of our client success stories here. However, as we work with enterprise clients some case studies are confidential. To request relevant and verified examples, get in touch.

Your lesson library is vast. How much time do our learners need to dedicate?

Learners only need to take lessons relevant to their learning needs based on organizations goals. You don’t have to complete the entire lesson library!

Besides, all our lessons are designed to be digestible, engaging, and are accessible on all devices and can be taken on the move. The lesson length ranges from 10 - 40 minutes. Longer lessons are typically broken down into bite-sized parts of 7 - 8 minutes.

How are your lessons recognized?

Our certifications are Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accredited by the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO). The CPDSO is an independent, globally recognized CPD centre working across all sectors, disciplines, and further learning applications.

Circus Street is also a recognized Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) provider and an Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA) preparatory course provider. 

Upon completion of training, all Circus Street learners receive a certificate that lists courses completed and certifications achieved.

How are you priced?

Pricing is built based on the number of learners that need access to the platform and additional specific service requirements such as program support, translations, co-branding, LMS integrations etc. Please get in touch to request a quote mapped to your organization's learning requirements.

What's your onboarding process like?

With account management, customer success, customer support, project management and tech integration teams in place, Circus Street specializes in providing program support, which starts at onboarding. 

Full scale support is available at onboarding. Specifics vary based on the size of your program, your learning pathways, the overall number of learners, tech and translation requirements. 

Do we need to use consultancy services to scope what programs our learners take with you?

No, you don't need to work with an outside consultant to work with us. Our growth and strategy teams work with your in-house subject matter experts or capabilities consultants to help you identify your needs and create a customized learning pathway. This is a value-added service we provide to all clients.

How do you help support embedded learning?

We have several features that support embedded learning. Training assessment tools are built into all courses, including pre and post-assessment evaluations, to understand the learner's progress. We also use games and challenges as part of a continuous and engaging learning pathway. 

Our customer success teams will work closely with you to provide any additional strategic and executional support.

Do you provide any language translations?

We offer a global program that's been translated into 14 languages, including Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin (simplified and traditional Chinese), and more. Please contact us to see if the language you need is available. Our list of included languages is always being updated.

What Learning Management Systems (LMS) do your programs integrate with?

Seamless API integration is available for EdCast, Learning Pool, Degreed, and FTP integration is available on demand for Totara, Cross Knowledge, HowNow, Learn Connect, SuccessFactors, and many others. If you don't see a familiar name on the list, please reach out to request an RFPs for integrations with custom or bespoke LMS/LXPs. 

We have got a bespoke LMS. Can your program integrate?

With some dev work, we should be able to integrate via most custom LMS’s using API or FTP protocol. For specific requirements, please contact us to discuss.

Can we use our branding with your programs?

Yes, your branding can be added to all lessons as well as all communications sent out to learners can be co-branded. Get in touch to find out more.

How do your programs impact the learner’s career?

Corporate upskilling programs help learners' careers in several ways, whilst also benefiting the organizations they work for. Upskilling improves morale and increases productivity. It contributes to employee satisfaction which improves retention. Training programs also allow learners to showcase their achievements and completion certificates via LinkedIn, on a resume, or elsewhere.

Still have questions?

If you've not found the answer you need, get in touch with a Circus Street expert.