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Learning is a journey.
We're with you every
step of the way.

Transforming information to knowledge and skills takes preparation,
immersion and repetition. 

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How does it work? 


First, let's get to know each other.

We'll start by going deep to understand your team and your goals: where you've been, where you are and where you want to go. 

Then we’ll audit your capabilities and tailor a plan based on our library of content and your organization's challenges, to upskill your team and achieve your objectives.


Next, build a program your learners will love.

We’ll use our LMS-friendly platform to build a learning program that links our library of 100+ lessons to your business needs. All fueled by signature Circus Street elements that make the knowledge stick.

Our courses are created with:

  • Talented scriptwriters that simplify complex topics
  • Award-winning animations that are both entertaining and educational
  • Dynamic presenters that keep learners engaged

Our platform:

  • Offers translated video captions and assessment questions
  • Includes co-branding
  • Integrates with your current LMS and adopts single sign-on
  • Automates management tools to streamline content updates, user management and results reporting 

Launch it with impact.

Your dedicated Circus Street account team will ensure your learning program gets noticed. Think marketing communications, engagement tactics, launch events and more, all designed to get your teams invested and primed to begin.


After that, we assess the delivery.

The best monitoring is measurable. We test before, during and after lessons to cement learnings and track progress at the individual and team level. 

Our reporting puts key metrics at your fingertips, with the ability to filter by region, function, and team. 


Then embed the knowledge.

We've devised ways of making sure the newly learned knowledge really sticks. We can help you run follow-up workshops that help embed understanding. This sets the stage for success stories and further boosts engagement.


Last, but certainly not least:
Prove the impact.

Our audit tool, used at the start and end of the program, proves impact in three key areas:

  1. Skill set
  2. Mindset
  3. Behavior

Once the lessons have been completed, we can prove the knowledge gains and show how they've affected your business for the better. 


So we can start talking about next year.

With the data and insights from your initial program, we'll build the next phase of your journey. Whether it's adding knowledge or expanding to other areas of your organization, we'll plan the next steps together.

Any questions?

Maybe we can answer them here…

Is the program really personalized? How so?
Although we don’t make custom content, each learning path is tailored to individual and/or business-level needs. For individuals, the learning is on-demand, and they move at their own pace.
How long are training programs?

As long as they need to be. But given the scale of the teams we partner with, multi-year initiatives are common.

Our lessons range from 10-30 minutes in length, and are accessible on desktop, mobile, iOS and Android, so your team can train on the go, wherever they are.

What kind of companies do we partner with?

Those with sprawling, international teams. That's who we're best equipped to help deliver digital upskilling projects.

How do you get started?

Explore the lesson library or simply get in touch

What's the learning experience like?

Now you have insight into our unique process - and the difference it makes - it's time to explore what your journey would look and feel like.

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