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Everything is fully integrated, of course.

From co-branding to single sign-on, we make digital training and upskilling feel natural. Choose to train your team through our award-winning platform or within your LMS or LXP.

Our onboarding process gets you up and running fast. And automated features make it simple to update your learners and content.

Intricate tech stack? We work with plenty, and we’re comfortable integrating with any ecosystem.


Our award-winning content is accessible to your global workforce.

Industry-leading content meets your business needs.

Our engaging lessons are delivered by professional presenters and enhanced by dynamic animation. We make learning entertaining, so knowledge sticks - and your team’s improvements endure.

Beyond co-branding, you can incorporate your own expert-led videos and case studies for a tailored learning experience that is true to your organization.


Translations in 11 languages… and counting

Translations are top-of-mind and accessible across our platform, online and offline. From desktop to mobile, iOS to Android, your team can train on the go, wherever they are.

We have translations in: Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Hungarian, and Arabic, and we’re adding more monthly. Learners can speed up or slow down our videos to help them take everything in.


Your team’s improvements are tangible and quantified.

Impact made measurable.

Our audit tool goes deep, assessing learners’ skills, mindsets and behaviors, before and after a program. The quantified results prove the progress of your team and make benchmarking - across your organization, your sector and your industry - a breeze.

Reporting and metrics at your fingertips.

In addition to testing learners before and after each lesson, we embed interactive quizzes to accelerate the transformation of information into knowledge and skills. Our data team crunches the numbers for you, delivering key metrics (and much more) in reports that provide meaningful results at a glance.


And that’s just the beginning.

Innovations are underway, always. Our product and technology teams are at work on exciting updates, from building new features and tools to refining existing ones.

Our ever-evolving, agile roadmap shows the way, ensuring a steady stream of enhancements to the platform, app and integration offerings that will improve the experience for learners and leadership alike.

Ready to take your team to the next level?

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what we offer and what sets our experience apart, it’s time to look closer and explore exactly what we can do for your organization.

Tell us about your team’s learning paths and priorities, probe our pedagogy, talk big picture or dive into details. In short, ask us anything.

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