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On our show, we share the secrets of global industry leaders on how to continue innovating and driving success.

We'll be talking to experts from a wide range of fields, from business and technology, to design and engineering.

In each episode, Jonny sits with the global industry leaders to get their unique perspectives on how they are constantly adapting and innovating in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

Meet Jonny:

Jonny Townsend is Co-Founder of Circus Street and Chief Commercial Strategist for the QA Group.

To learn more about Jonny, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Join Jonny and his special guests as we venture on our mission to learn better, work smarter, repeat.

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Episode 1: How Technology Is Changing Marketing with Matthew Pritchard

Matthew joins us in this episode to discuss the influence of technology on marketing, how to incorporate technology and educate about the effects it has on business, and how to encourage teams to embrace and leverage the change.

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Episode 2: Shaping The Future of Digital Healthcare with Rachel Elend

In this episode, Rachel talks about how technology impacts her career and the willingness to embrace such innovations within the business. She shares examples of how technology is assisting the in business modernization and success as a result of adopting new technologies.

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Episode 3: Innovation For The New Normal with Joe Walsh, Director of Samsung B2B

In this episode, Joe talks about how an idea, if nurtured, can lead to innovation,how every business is different and one size will not fit all, and the important role technology plays in ensuring the ease of communication.

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Episode 4: Circus Street: The Founder's Story with Jonny and Richard Townsend

In this episode, Jonny and Richard Townsend reflect on the humble beginnings of Circus Street. Sharing significant markers that contributed to their personal and business success; from having to pick up new skills on their own as founders, to the big deals that transformed the company and helped them achieve their dream of taking the company global.

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Episode 5: Content Innovation in the Digital Age with Matthew Cooksey

Content innovation in the digital age comes down to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. In this episode, we will be discussing the latest trends and developments in content innovation and how businesses can stay ahead of the curve. 

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