Webinar: How Learning Can Make a Real Difference in Your Business

Download the materials for insights and key takeaways on:

  • How to make behavioural change shifts within your own organisation
  • How Kantar were able to create a successful action plan to:
    • Break down internal silos
    • Make sure their learning program delivered real results

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What are the current business challenges?

Whilst the corporate world is beginning to embrace the importance of lifelong learning, many organisations still struggle with linking learning to tangible business results and demonstrating its overall ROI.

We need to keep learning alive within our organisations, and ensure that an internal learning and development strategy is effective in both engaging employees, and driving behavioural change. At our Advisory Board earlier this year, the board discussed various techniques, methods and strategies they are using to ensure learning makes a real difference in their business, from the need to personalise learning journeys, to introducing learning communities.

Kunal Pattany and Jo Roberts discussed the key areas to focus on to ensure you are driving behavioural change through your Learning and Development strategy.