Circus Street Spotlights Bring a New Approach to Learning

Bite-sized lessons that build a common digital business language

Spotlight pack includes a recording of our live launch and an exclusive showcase.

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  • How Spotlights drive business impact
  • Trending topics covered in our current and upcoming lessons
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  • How learners are benefitting from Spotlights

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A New Take On Learning

We know that our learners are increasingly on-the-go, mobile-first and short of time but they want to keep up to speed on the latest innovations in digital, as well as apply new learning at the point of need.
So, taking inspiration from the world of television and film, our new Spotlight lessons have been designed to capture people’s attention on mobile.

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  • ai_for_marketing-spotlights_name
  • blockchain-spotlights_name
These 10-minute lessons have been designed to fit around busy schedules, deliver practical and focused learning at the moment of need, and perfectly complement our current offering.
To learn more about these new lessons, how they drive applicability and how to access them, download the launch event now.

Watch our virtual launch event where our panel, made up of our internal experts and our clients, discussed:

  • How Spotlights make learning more effective
  • The practical content that Spotlights deliver
  • How Spotlights drive business impact