OMCP™ Recognised Education Provider


Following an evaluation from the OMCP™, an independent industry association, Circus Street are officially an OMCP™ Recognised Education Provider.

Our courses exceed the standards set by the OMCP and demonstrate the very highest standards of experience, education and knowledge.

This certification also accredits us as a training provider for the OMCA™ Certification for Digital Marketers.

Read more about our accreditation here.

OMCA™ Exam Preparatory Course

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Course Description

The Circus Street OMCA preparatory course has been designed to help learners meet the standards required to complete the OMCA™ Certification for Digital Marketers.

The OMCA™ certification verifies knowledge of digital marketing concepts and demonstrates understanding of generally-accepted practices across multiple digital marketing disciplines. The OMCA™ certification is perfect for managers of marketing teams, those with less than two years of experience in digital marketing, or as a first step towards earning an OMCP® certification.

Our OMCA preparatory course covers everything from content marketing to data analytics. Follow the link below for more information.

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If you're new to Circus Street, find out how to purchase a course here.

If you are already a Circus Street learner head here for more information.

New to Circus Street?

If you are not yet a Circus Street learner, you will have to purchase a licence to access the content.

Licences are £600 per user, and will give you access to: the full preparatory course, the Circus Street mobile app to learn on the go, and access to download the lesson materials.

You will also be provided with two complimentary practice tests: a pre learning test to benchmark you current skill level, and a pre exam test to asses your readiness.

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Already a Circus Street Learner?

Circus Street learners who have completed all the lessons detailed in the preparatory course are eligible to take the OMCA™ Certification for Digital Marketers. 

A post assessment of at least 70% on each lesson will indicate that you are prepared. 

Once you feel you are ready to take the OMCA™ exam, you will need to create an account and  purchase exam vouchers.

Please let us know if you are interested in taking the OMCA™ exam.

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