Off Site SEO

How To Boost Search Visibility Using Links

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When it comes to a holistic approach to search engine optimisation, it’s not enough to only optimise your website and individual pages. You should also consider ‘off site SEO’: the factors that can impact your site’s search ranking but which are external to your site. In this lesson, we begin by exploring one of the most significant factors in off site SEO – ‘backlinks’ – from the types of backlink, to how their relative value is determined. We then turn to the methods you should use to research and prioritise potential backlinking opportunities; before
discussing the importance of managing poor quality links, and the risks of using ‘black hat’ techniques.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The importance of backlinks to successful SEO
  • The methods that should be used to research and acquire high quality links
  • Why you should avoid poor quality links and ‘black hat’ tactics