SEO for Mobile

Optimising Your Site & Content for Mobile Search

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It can almost go without saying that mobile’s presence is ever-growing, but how does this impact upon search engine optimisation? And how can you ensure you’re reaching prospective customers, whether they’re on desktop or on mobile? In this lesson, we begin by outlining Google’s “mobile-first” approach to indexing websites, before exploring the differences in mobile and desktop search behaviour. We then uncover the practical elements that go into optimising your mobile site and content, including prioritising usability and researching mobile-specific keywords. Finally, we turn to some key new developments within mobile search, including voice search, Accelerative Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps.

Learn about mobile search behaviour, the practical steps that can be taken to optimise your mobile site and content, and the new developments affecting SEO for mobile.

In the lesson you will learn:

  • How search behaviour differs between desktop and mobile
  • About the key elements to consider when optimising a site and content for mobile search
  • The key new developments affecting mobile search