Programmatic Advertising

Learn about:

With all its acronyms, tech components and market players, the world of programmatic can sometimes seem too vast to get your head around. These lessons will break programmatic down into its basic elements, showing you how the trading process works and what each piece of technology is used for. It’s important not to overlook the human impact of programmatic, so we also look at how programmatic has affected the way media agencies, media owners and advertisers work, including how their structures have changed and the skillsets you now need to thrive in these companies.

By the end of these 2 lessons you will understand:

  • The technological components used in programmatic trading and what each one does
  • The different devices, platforms and media types compatible with programmatic trading
  • The influence programmatic has had on organisation structures and job roles across agencies, media owners and advertisers
  • Concerns around ad fraud, brand safety and transparency, and how to reduce risk

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1

The Technology Behind Automated & Targeted Advertising

Learn about the fundamentals of programmatic trading and how programmatic has improved the efficiency and accuracy of advertising online.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How data is used in programmatic trading
  • What header bidding is and why it’s used
  • Which devices, platforms and media types are compatible with programmatic trading

Lesson 2

Programmatic's Impact on Advertisers, Agencies & Publishers

Learn about how programmatic has revolutionised the media agency, media owner and advertiser landscapes, and how they handle themes like data sharing, brand safety and fraud.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How agency, media owner and advertisers’ company structures have changed since the arrival of programmatic
  • The value of first party data in programmatic and why media owners sometimes choose to sell this
  • About important themes and concerns within programmatic, and how to avoid fraud and improve brand safety