On Site SEO

How To Boost Search Visibility Using Your Site

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Appearing at the top of search engines’ results pages is crucial in attracting interested visitors to your site; but how do you get there? This lesson explores the actions you can take on your site to make your content easier for search engines to find, interpret and index. We explain how to build a site structure that helps visitors and search engines alike understand how pages on your site relate to one another, how to help search engines understand which pages to prioritise for indexing and how to write copy that proves your content is relevant to your keywords.

Learn how methods of building your site, using tags, and writing copy can be employed to help improve your organic search rankings.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • To recognise the different kinds of site hierarchy and their impacts for SEO

  • How to build an effective sitemap

  • How to use tags on your site and how they relate to your appearance in search results

  • How to write body copy optimised for both search crawlers and visitors