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What’s the omnichannel course about?

More than just a buzzword, omnichannel is a strategy that’s essential for delivering and maintaining a positive outcome for your business. Omnichannel is more than just selling — it’s about creating a seamless shopping experience with the customer at heart.
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What your teams will learn

While you might have heard of omnichannel, defining what it means and how to use it might be a different story. That’s where we can help. This comprehensive course will explain what omnichannel is, how it works and how to get started on your omnichannel journey. A personalized, impactful customer experience starts here.

Course plan:

Omnichannel Essentials:
What is omnichannel? Where did it come from? Why does it matter? This lesson answers all.

Omnichannel Strategy:
Achieve buy-in from your teams and understand how to implement touchpoints for a thriving customer journey.

Omnichannel Best Practice:
Omnichannel differs from business to business. We’ll help you understand what’s right for you and how to overcome common challenges.

Ideal for...

All teams within your organization.
52% average increase in knowledge

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