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Net Revenue Management

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Make smarter decisions to deliver incremental sales and profit growth.

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What’s the net revenue management course about?

As an omnichannel approach triggers intense competition in eCommerce, retailers need to work harder than ever to form strong customer relationships. But how do you do that? And how do you translate it into sales and profit growth? Our net revenue management course will tell you.

What your teams will learn

Pricing, portfolio and promotion — the three pillars of net revenue management that help you make better business decisions. This course will take you through each in detail, so you can plan and deploy a data-driven strategy that achieves financial success and competitive advantage.

Course plan:

Net Revenue Management Essentials:
Find out what net revenue management is and how pricing, portfolio and promotion play their part.

Net Revenue Management Strategy:
Translate your learnings into actionable strategies that achieve significant and measurable results.

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