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Lessons in this course

Leadership Part 1

What makes a good leader?

Leadership Part 2

A toolkit for demonstrating abilities beyond your role

Leadership Part 3

Creating your own opportunities for personal development

Leadership Part 4

Demonstrating leadership through vision, mentorship & crisis handling

Leadership Part 5

Driving organizational change with proactive & inspiring leadership

Leadership Part 6

How to be an effective leader through continuous development

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About the course

The journey to becoming a leader means picking up a selection of professional tools, and developing, practicing and refining them along the way. Throughout our leadership course, your teams will explore and understand how leadership can take place at every level within an organization.

Your teams will…

  • Understand how to demonstrate leadership and effective decision-making in meetings
  • Feel better prepared and able to work towards solving big organizational challenges
  • Understand the importance of failure and how to learn from mistakes

Beneficial for

  • All Business Units

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