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What’s the joint business planning course about?

Uniting all business units and focusing on a common goal keeps things running smoothly for retailers and CPGs. Ensuring your business is internally aligned will allow you to reach an omnichannel approach that achieves results for your eCommerce teams.
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What your teams will learn

Where do you start? By creating a joint business plan that assesses common pain points and how to deal with them. Joint business planning keeps your business internally aligned while making your relationship with retailers work for you. This course will get everyone on the same page.

Course plan:

Joint Business Planning Essentials:
The building blocks for aligning internally, making the right investment decisions and approaching your retailers.

Joint Business Planning Best Practice:
Grasp the key metrics, set strategic goals, and how to negotiate and measure success.

Ideal for...

Sales and Marketing Teams

47% average increase in knowledge

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