Intro to Search Marketing

Why Search Engines Are Vital for Business Success

Learn about:

Search engines deal with an immense amount of traffic. So, getting to grips with search marketing - the strategies and tactics used to get web pages to show up in search engine results - is critical to just about every business with an online presence. For this reason, in this lesson we’ll introduce you to the fundamentals of search marketing. We’ll reveal the inner workings of search engines, take a look at search behaviour, and identify different kinds of results page formats. From here, we’ll explore how the two branches of search marketing - SEM and SEO - can both be utilised to give your business the visibility it deserves, and ultimately bring more - and better quality - traffic to your site.

By the end of this lesson you will learn:

  • How search engines work
  • About different search engine results page formats
  • About the different types of user intent
  • About the strengths and weaknesses of utilising SEO and SEM