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eCommerce Business Models Essentials

What types of models are there? What are the opportunities and drawbacks of each?

eCommerce Business Models Strategy

As technology advances and consumer needs change, how should your strategies follow suit?

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About the course

What’s the eCommerce business models course about?

As the fastest-growing sales channel for CPGs, it’s no wonder brands want to get in on the eCommerce action. Things are moving fast and businesses can’t afford to hesitate. To stay ahead, you’ll need to embrace the change and leverage the eCommerce business models to get the best results.

Your teams will…

  • There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution in eCommerce. This course will take you through the typical eCommerce business models. From pure play and marketplaces to bricks and clicks, we’ll cover the benefits, organizational changes and opportunities to win.

Beneficial for

All teams within your organization.

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