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The popularity of buying and selling products online has boomed in recent years and doesn’t look set to slow down anytime soon! As eCommerce spending increases, so too do customers’ expectations… but keeping up doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. These lessons will explain the huge growth in the world of eCommerce and how companies can keep up with rapidly evolving customer needs & demands.

By the end of these lessons you will understand:

  • The main factors driving the growth of eCommerce in recent years
  • The benefits and challenges of operating in the eCommerce space
  • How to design an eCommerce website that both meets - and exceeds - customer expectations
  • The different marketing channels and tactics that can drive traffic to your site

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1

eCommerce Essentials:
Key Trends & Players Shaping the eCommerce Landscape

We explore the online retailing landscape, looking at the ever-growing popularity of online shopping and the big players you need to know about. We’ll also delve into the benefits and challenges of shopping online and explore future eCommerce trends.

In this lesson you will learn about:

  • The shape of the eCommerce landscape and the big players
  • The benefits and challenges of shopping online
  • The key emerging trends to keep an eye on

Lesson 2

eCommerce Best Practice:
Creating an eCommerce Site That Meets Customers' Expectations

We explore best practice eCommerce retailing. Starting with a focus on the customer journey, we move on to examine website usability and explore the different marketing tactics used to drive customers to your site.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • About the need for a strategic focus on the customer and customer journey
  • How to best design an eCommerce website to meet customer needs
  • About the different marketing tactics you can use to drive website traffic