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Today’s eCommerce landscape offers huge opportunities for both CPG suppliers and retailers. However, there are challenges that come with operating on the Digital Shelf and businesses are all too aware that offline success doesn’t always mean online sales. So, in this set of lessons, we not only explain what the digital shelf is, take a look at how consumers behave online and discuss the challenges of operating in this area, but we explore how to set a strategy to ensure success and then explain how to best execute that strategy.

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1

Digital Shelf Essentials: Gaining a Competitive Advantage in Retail eCommerce

This lesson explores the diverse and evolving landscape of the Digital Shelf, looks at the main challenges of working in this competitive space and discusses at how to set yourself up for success.

In this lesson you will learn

  • What the Digital Shelf is and why it is growing in importance
  • About the opportunities and challenges of the Digital Shelf
  • How to improve discoverability on retailer websites

Lesson 2

Digital Shelf Strategy: Building a Framework for Driving Online Sales

In this lesson, we explore the concept of winning on the Digital Shelf and examine the building blocks of a Digital Shelf strategy.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • About the key components of a Digital Shelf strategy
  • How to identify the KPIs you can use to monitor success
  • About the types of data needed to assess performance

Lesson 3

Digital Shelf Best Practice: A Guide to Driving Discoverability & Optimising Conversions

This lesson explores how best to execute a Digital Shelf strategy, taking an in-depth look at the following key areas: assortment, availability, content, taxonomy and search discoverability, and ratings & reviews.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • What the key optimization tactics are for the Digital Shelf
  • How to put the key principles of a Digital Shelf strategy into practice
  • How to ensure that products on the Digital Shelf are easy to find and easy to buy