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Lessons in this course

Digital Shelf Essentials

Understand the impact of the digital shelf and how to tailor and control it for business growth. Small changes can make a big difference.

Digital Shelf Strategy

Discover what actions to implement and how to measure their impact.

Digital Shelf Best Practice

Mastering the digital shelf takes constant management, tweaks and content optimization — we’ll give you the best practices to follow.

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About the course

What’s the digital shelf course about?

While there are some similarities between trading online and in-store, offline success doesn’t automatically guarantee eCommerce results. One of the biggest determining factors of succeeding online is your digital shelf strategy. But what exactly is the digital shelf and how do you get it to work in your favor to achieve core KPIs?

Your teams will…

That’s where we come in. Our digital shelf course gives you the building blocks to translate into eCommerce sales, ROI and growth. This course starts with the basics before moving on to strategy, objectives, goals and KPIs. We’ll finish with best practices to help you get a feel for digital shelf success in a real-life environment.

Beneficial for

All teams within your organization.

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