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What’s the D2C eCommerce course about?

Direct-to-consumer eCommerce (or D2C to us and you) holds immense opportunities for eCommerce brands and retailers looking to expand and directly sell their products to customers. This is the perfect course if you want to reach more customers, improve brand independence and enhance your margins.
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What your teams will learn

We’ll cover all the D2C essentials and eCommerce strategies you need so you can join the D2C alumni with the likes of Nespresso, Nike and Dollar Shave Club. You’ll learn more about the benefits D2C has to offer, as well as the challenges to be aware of so you can succeed in a crowded eCommerce landscape.

Course plan:

D2C eCommerce essentials:
Explore the benefits and challenges D2C eCommerce presents and take inspiration from the brands doing it well.

D2C eCommerce strategy:
Understand the best marketing and growth strategies for D2C eCommerce and how to apply learnings to your business.

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