Customer Experience

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Customer experience is becoming increasingly important to businesses looking to compete in today's markets. Customers should be central to every aspect of your business, and if you're not providing for them and meeting their expectations, the reality is that they could simply go elsewhere. In these lessons, we explain the differences between customer service and customer experience, we look at how to align your overall business objectives and measure success, and we consider the challenges and opportunities around personalisation and the ever-changing customer journey.

By the end of these 3 lessons you will understand:

  • Why improving the customer experience is so important now, and how it differs from customer service or customer care efforts
  • How to create and use personas to understand the customer journey and shape your marketing
  • The benefits and risks of personalisation, and how best to implement these tactics



Lesson Overview

Lesson 1

What Does an Effective Customer Experience Strategy Look Like?

A look at the core components of a customer experience strategy - what to change, who it will impact and why it matters.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The differences between customer experience, customer service and customer care
  • How to carry out a situational analysis and set KPIs for your customer experience efforts
  • Some of the key customer experience metrics and how to measure your progress

Lesson 2

A Guide to Collecting & Analysing Audience Insights

A guide to how to identify and understand your customers, from audience segmentation to persona definition and interpreting the customer journey.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The various ways that you could segment your audience, and the benefits and drawbacks of each
  • How to develop personas and use them to influence your strategies
  • How the customer journey relates to and impacts the customer experience you provide

Lesson 3

Personalisation Tactics & How To Meet Customer Expectations

In this lesson, we consider customer experience on a more individual level, looking at personalisation tactics and how to meet customers’ expectations.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • What is meant by an “omnichannel approach”, and how this might affect your targeting tactics
  • How to monitor specific customer experience metrics and apply those learnings going forward
  • About customers’ changing expectations and needs, and know what you can do to meet them