Category Management

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Leverage data to inform a customer-centric approach and unlock strategic growth.

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What’s the category management course about?

For businesses wanting to succeed online, category management on the digital shelf is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have. We’ll take you through the three core principles and four levels of category management, so you can bring your eCommerce teams up to speed and ready for online growth.

What your teams will learn

Featuring in-depth, engaging and up-to-date modules, our course will help you become a category management master in no time. You’ll get to grips with what category management is, how it relates to the digital shelf, the strategies you need to adopt, how data plays its part and how collaboration can help you reach eCommerce success.

Course plan:

Category Management Essentials:
Understand how to formulate a customer-centric approach and enhance supplier and retailer collaboration.

Category Management Best Practice:
Analyze and utilize data to plan and execute category growth strategies.

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