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The amount of data available to businesses is truly astonishing. Every time we browse an eCommerce website, read the news, or use a search engine we’re generating masses of data and businesses need help to analyse and derive insights from all this information. Enter digital analytics. In these lessons, we’ll explore the core elements of digital analytics and how to work effectively with analytics tools. We’ll also take a look at one tool in particular, Google Analytics and explore the features that exist on the platform as well as how to gain valuable insights from just a segment of the vast amounts of data it collects.

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1

Analytics Essentials
Gaining Insights & Adding Value With Data

Learn about digital analytics within business - including an exploration of the different analytics available and best practice for driving meaningful insights and added value from data.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • About the pivotal value of analytics within businesess
  • How to facilitate a data-driven mindset
  • About the different types of analytics available

Lesson 2

Google Analytics 
A Guide to Generating Actionable Business Insights

Learn about the Google Analytics platform - one of the best-known analytics tools out there - and how it can provide much-needed insights for your business.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • About Google Analytics
  • How to set up and personalise features on the Google Analytics platform
  • About the different types of reports that exist within Google Analytics