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eCommerce is transforming the retail landscape, and it’s quickly becoming an essential aspect of business. And, while there are millions of eCommerce businesses out there, one stands out - Amazon. No other online retailer comes close to its scale and popularity. It operates in over 180 countries, with 19 marketplaces, and boasts over 300 million active consumer accounts worldwide. In this lesson, we’ll get well acquainted with how Amazon works, and the many benefits and challenges it presents. We’ll also take a look at some best practice advice when it comes to optimising product listings, negotiating terms, and measuring the impact Amazon can have on your business.

By the end of these lessons you will learn:

  • About what Amazon stands for, how it works and what it has to offer for consumers and brands.
  • About the challenges and benefits of doing business with Amazon
  • How to create product listings and negotiate terms with Amazon effectively
  • About the tools you can use to measure the impact that Amazon is having on your business.

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1

Amazon Essentials

  • Understand how Amazon operates and the different selling relationships available
  • Feel more confident in meetings when discussing Amazon and other eCommerce opportunities
  • Be able to evaluate whether working with Amazon is an opportunity

Lesson 2

Amazon Best Practice

  • Negotiate a better relationship with Amazon
  • Improve visibility on Amazon
  • Have better conversations with Amazon or your Amazon agency
  • The ability to define and measure your success with Amazon