Learn about:

'Agile' methodologies have traditionally been used in software development but are becoming increasingly prevalent across other business teams to bring products and services to market quickly; allowing businesses to innovate and constantly adapt to customers' changing needs. With this in mind, these lessons have been designed to help different teams effectively adopt agile techniques to help with everything from managing projects, product and service innovation, through to improving internal communication. These lessons are suitable for those who aren't familiar with the methods and principles of agile working, and also for managers who want to understand where and how agile can be used to benefit their teams.

By the end of these 3 lessons you will understand:

  • What 'agile' means in a business context and how different teams can use it
  • The benefits of adopting elements of 'lean', 'scrum' & 'kanban' to suit your needs
  • How to apply the theories of agile to embed a culture of continuous improvement

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1

A New Framework for Innovation & Continuous Improvement

An introduction to 'agile': examining its approach & 'rules', and how it distinguishes itself from other recognised ways of working.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How best to understand what's involved in working with 'agile' methodologies
  • The rules and principles behind working successfully with agile
  • The importance of customers' needs and continuous improvement within agile

Lesson 2

Applying & Embedding Agile Business Processes

This lesson explores the benefits of applying agile to individual teams, how managers can support them, and also applying agile holistically to the wider business.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How the practical principles of agile can be embraced and embedded
  • How organisations can incrementally transition to an agile model
  • The challenges & opportunities you'll experience in building an agile culture

Lesson 3

Ensuring the Success of a Transition to Agile Working

How to apply the theories of agile in practice: taking work from concept through to delivery, agile 'ceremonies', aiding cross-team communications, and more.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The impacts of an agile model upon team roles and organisational structures
  • How to construct 'user stories' and maintain a functional product backlog
  • How to ensure agile teams are working together effectively together