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The Challenge

Brown-Forman recognized that the way consumers connect and engage with brands has evolved dramatically in a world that has become increasingly digital.

To reflect this transformation, they needed to evolve their capabilities and organizational structure quickly.

Brown-Forman’s vision is to be at the forefront of the alcohol industry when it comes to digital marketing and eCommerce capabilities.


Program Objectives

  • Embed a culture of continuous learning to future proof growth strategies and plans
  • Enable a common digital & eCommerce language across Brown Forman
  • Build digital & eCommerce understanding, confidence and capabilities efficiently and at scale

Program Results


Completion Rate


Average post assessment score

“Now, I feel I can have the conversation with customers to look for opportunities on digital. In the past I felt I wasn’t even understanding or could see how to create opportunities or discussions with our customers on digital.”

Director, Europe


Program Planning

Following an in-depth, business-wide assessment of Brown-Forman’s digital marketing capabilities, Circus Street was introduced to address gaps in knowledge and capability.

We consulted with Subject Matter Experts at Brown Forman to finalize learning pathways in four key subject areas.

  • Defining an eCommerce strategy and developing a business model.
  • Establishing a common approach to Digital Media.
  • Developing foundational knowledge of Inbound Marketing.
  • Developing a Social Media Management strategy.

We worked with Brown-Forman’s Marketing leadership to identify champions and key sponsors within the business.


Program Delivery

It was crucial to establish roles and responsibilities so we could build digital and eCommerce capabilities across Brown-Forman effectively.

Our Best Practice Customer Success Strategy:

  • Sent learners monthly reminder emails.
  • Sent monthly reports and topline summaries to the central and Leadership teams.
  • Worked with Brown Forman SMEs to craft and send impact measurement surveys to all learners.
  • Held quarterly review meetings with central team to discuss learnings from each phase and recommend improvements.

Deploying Brown-Forman Champions

  • Carefully selected to track progress and lead engagement within their markets, through localised communications and leaderboards.
  • Attended quarterly Champion Connects run by Circus Street to update on learner progress and spotlight best practice engagement.

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