11 ways Circus Street is leading the market for learner engagement


We understand that motivating and engaging learners online is one of your biggest concerns, particularly as that usually determines the success of your learning investment. 

To show you how we can help, we've compiled a list of why our process means we're leading the marketing for learner engagement.


1. The proof is in the stats

Nothing quite shows impact like impressive statistics. Here are some key metrics to shout about:

64% average increase in knowledge per lesson.

600,000+ enterprise employees we've helped educate.

89% lesson completion rate.


2.  Tailored content

We can tailor our content to meet your specific learning goals and needs. Our dedicated team works with you to devise an approach that works for you, integrates seamlessly into your LMS and measures the results to prove the impact.


3. Engaging lessons

Quality learning is at the heart of what we do — that's why we've won so many awards. Our talented scriptwriters make complex topics easy to understand, our dynamic presenters keep learners engaged and our animations provide a point of difference. The result? Engaged learners and knowledge that sticks.

Want to discover more about learner engagement and its importance? Our resource page is the place to go.


4. Over 100 lessons to choose from

Covering everything from eCommerce and strategy to digital upskilling and business planning, our lesson library has it all. The more targeted the content is to the learners' needs, the more likely they'll be engaged and gain value. 


5. Available in 12 languages

Delivering learning content to over 150 countries, you can customize our platform with translated video captions and assessment questions to ensure your learners get the best experience and engagement, no matter where they are.


6. High completion rates

89% lesson completion rate.

Completion rates are one of the biggest indicators of learner engagement and success. Our platform has an 89% lesson completion rate, showing that the learning we deliver has a noticeable impact on your company's skillset.


7. Embed the knowledge

We know it's about much more than just finishing the lesson and moving on. Making the knowledge stick is the other half of the equation. That's why we put importance on embedding knowledge. We'll help you run follow-up workshops that help enhance understanding, setting the stage for success stories and further boosting engagement.


8. Future innovation

While we focus on success in the moment, we're constantly working towards an innovative future, too. We're currently implementing many new features, such as a virtual production suite, new Circus Street branding, 3D environments and game-based learning.

We've also been listed at position five on Fast Company's Best Workplace for Innovators list, further showcasing our dedication to learning, engagement and innovation.


9. Dedicated account managers

If you want to enhance or expand your in-house learning and development department, then we're the partner for you. We offer dedicated account management with our platform, working with you to measure results, identify opportunities and further enhance learner engagement, helping you get the most out of your investment.


10. Working together towards a shared goal

And we'll take things one step further than account management. Think of us as an extension of your team. We'll work with you to audit your systems, formulate a plan and roll out an effective learner engagement strategy.


11. We're trusted by big names

Trusted by some of the biggest names in business, such as Reckitt, Nestlé, Nike, P&G, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, WPP, Sanofi and more, you can be sure we'll deliver the best service possible. Need any more convincing? Just take a look at our case studies



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