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As the biggest driver of global ad spend growth, APAC is abundant with opportunities for advertisers. Predicted to account for 33.8% of global ad expenditure by 2020, understanding this region and its audience can produce a great reward. An area of great diversity, entering this marketplace may seem daunting, but this also means there are a large number of opportunities. It is, therefore, necessary to remain aware of key marketing trends that are currently prevalent in the region.


Innovations in Out Of Home (OOH) & integration of mobile

Considered the most important device in APAC, mobile is vital to communicating with audiences in the region. For a large number of the population, their first experience with the internet was through a mobile phone, so it is not surprising that the device has been integrated so heavily into OOH innovations. OOH advertising has seen increased digitisation, therefore it’s being utilised more by savvy advertisers. By using mobile location data, advertisers are able to see where their customers spend large portions of their time and where they’re travelling. This information means they can focus their marketing efforts on prime locations that they are likely to pass, meaning advertisers can create more targeted campaigns. 


Ad blocking & privacy concerns

Another trend to be aware of within APAC, is the prevalence of ad blocking. Almost half of all internet users use it each month, with 38% of users using mobile ad blocking at least once a month. Users may not want to be bothered by adverts, but how does that fare for you, the advertiser? Several regions across the world, including APAC are participating in the Better Ads Program, a voluntary scheme run by The Coalition for Better Ads which preemptively blocks intrusive ads from web browsers. As long as advertisers adhere to the standards of the scheme, their advert will appear.

Annoying ads are not the only reason for the rise in ad blockers. Many users within APAC worry about their privacy as data protection in the past has not been the strictest. But this is changing, with countries in the region introducing new privacy and cyber security laws that businesses must comply with or face penalties. 


Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is a common problem for advertisers, and often businesses can end up paying for false impressions with fraudsters taking the profits. From hidden and invisible ads to hijacking clicks, ad fraud is a persistent problem. Mobile Ad Fraud is particularly pervasive within APAC and with so many users on mobile devices, fraudsters may try and use methods such as SDK spoofing - simulating an achieved ad click, an install and engagement -  so it is important to keep an eye on your ads. There are several ways ad fraud can be committed, but it is through global initiatives such as TAG that these can be fought against.


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