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Learning and development holds many benefits for all parties involved. That’s why so many businesses invest in training to develop, satisfy and grow their teams and business plans.

One of the main parties that experiences these advantages are employees. Keep reading to learn more about the powerful benefits of learning and development for employees.


1. Gain new skills

Gaining new skills is a huge part of learning and development. The right programs allow employees to learn and develop skills catered to their role or explore development opportunities outside their normal day-to-day.

Not only does acquiring new skills make employees more effective in their current role — which benefits them and the business — but it can also develop their skills in preparation for future opportunities, leading us to our next point.


2. Career advancement

One of the biggest benefits of learning and development for employees is that it helps them advance in their careers. Whether it’s developing their skills to get promoted or wanting to change their career path altogether, learning and development gets them there.

Given that 76% of employees are looking for opportunities to expand their careers, offering them the tools to do so will increase loyalty to your business.


3. Job satisfaction

Ultimately, employees who feel as though they’re valued by their employers, are learning new skills and are attracting new job opportunities will feel much more satisfied in their roles.

In turn, the satisfaction provided by learning and development will boost morale, motivation and productivity.

76% of employees say they’re more likely to stay with a company that offers training.


4. Enhanced employability

Put simply, the more skills you have, the more employable you are. A powerful benefit for employees is that learning and development helps build their CV and skillset, increasing their attractiveness to prospective employers.

The job market is competitive within most industries, with unemployment rising in the US and UK, so employees are turning to learning and development to help them stand out.

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5. Increased confidence

Naturally, as employees acquire more skills and knowledge, their confidence grows, too. Those with the right expertise to carry out their roles are likely more productive and good at what they do.

But increased confidence also has other benefits. It can mean employees become more assertive, which can be beneficial for developing leadership skills and better decision-making for the business.


6. Job adaptability

While not every skill learned will be used daily in many roles, it doesn’t mean they’re redundant. Acquiring extra experience can make employees more adaptable should they need to be.

It’ll also help them prepare for the dynamic world we live in. New technologies, trends and processes constantly evolve, so investing in learning and development will best place them to be agile and adaptive.


7. Higher productivity

While higher productivity is a standalone benefit of learning and development for employees, it also links closely with job satisfaction, adaptability and increased confidence. Employees who are satisfied and confident in their roles and have the skills to adapt will likely be more productive.

With the right training, employees can perform tasks more efficiently and effectively, allowing them to do more with less and quickly progress through their task lists.


8. Better communication

With learning and development comes understanding, and with understanding comes better communication. Employees with a wider range of knowledge and an understanding of other roles are much more likely to empathize and help their colleagues where needed.

There are also many training courses dedicated to enhancing communication skills, so if you feel your employees would benefit from it, it’s definitely worth the investment.


But what does it mean for businesses?

However, employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from learning and development. Businesses have a lot to gain, too.

Employees with increased motivation, confidence and skills result in higher productivity and enhanced engagement and retention. In the long run, this means higher quality outputs, less hiring costs and an engaged workforce.

Read our blog here to learn more about the relationship between learning and development and employee engagement.


Enhance performance through learning and development

While learning and development can solve many business problems, it must be done correctly. Learner engagement is a big piece of the puzzle. After all, training that isn’t engaging is likely to result in time and money wasted.

To learn more about learner engagement and how it impacts your training and development plans, head to our resource hub, where you’ll find everything there is to know.

learner engagement

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