Learn the Proven Formula for Engaging your Audience through Pharma Content


Your customers expect you to provide valuable content, at the right time demonstrating value and meeting their needs. This will earn you customer loyalty, distinguish you from your competitors and drive business goals.  

Sounds simple right but where do you start? You start by understanding your customer and serving their needs with tailored content. 

In a world where competing for your customers' attention has become more challenging, the need to provide consistent value to your customers has become a key driver of business success. 


Delivering an optimal customer experience is a key opportunity for a brand and starts with providing high quality content. 

70% of healthcare professionals (HCPs) said that Pharma does not understand their requirements completely, with 62% saying that the most significant area where pharma can add value is by understanding their needs and sharing only relevant content with them to make the interactions more insightful. The one-size-fits-all approach will no longer work.

So, we can see it is critical to provide relevant and up to date content for customers to address their needs. 


Key types of content used in the Pharma and healthcare sector:

1. Product and portfolio promotional information 

These are the key benefits that the product or portfolio provides.

2. Disease and therapy area information

This provides in-depth knowledge about the problem that the treatment solves.

3. Clinical study data

This data details the data that demonstrates and evidences how and who the treatment can be used for, including expected efficacy and side effects.

4. Clinical guidelines

These guidelines should demonstrate the recommended treatment pathways by reviewing all the products available from multiple companies.

5. The product label

Which should thoroughly explain every single detail about the product that healthcare professionals need to know about to make treatment decisions, including dosing, safety, efficacy and patients about using the treatment correctly.

6. Expert commentary and views

This amplifies the views of key external experts towards the product, either because of the data or because of their experience in use with real patients.


Providing a positive customer experience drives loyalty and content is a key part of the customer experience

Being customer-centric is not just what you do, it is also a mindset. Considering your customers’ needs alongside your own business goals provides the opportunity to differentiate and compete effectively.

If customers think or perceive that you don’t understand their needs, they are highly likely to look elsewhere to get what they need, so you need to get this right!

We explore the need for a robust content strategy and how this can positively impact the customer experience because customers get the content they need, when they need it. 

The Content for Pharma and Healthcare course will give you a foundation and examples of best practice of how to tailor and provide content for your customers based on their needs. When implemented successfully, this can prompt the desired change in behavior you are seeking from your customer in line with their needs and your business goals.

More importantly, you have the opportunity to build trust and to gain the long-term loyalty of your customers.      


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