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If you’re honest, I’m sure you’ll admit there’s a lot you don’t know about your customers.

But here's where you can begin...

What does journey mapping mean for your customer and patient?

Having an in-depth knowledge of what drive their behaviors is critical in order to truly understanding their needs and, ultimately, what makes them decide on what treatment(s) they prescribe for their patients.

You could argue that customer and patient journey mapping in the pharma industry is just a process you go through – I would argue it’s absolutely critical in getting under the skin of things and to accurately understand what your customers want and how they’d like to be communicated to. 

Ultimately, customer and patient journey mapping acts as an enabler of customer centricity, all part of truly understanding a customer's challenges, wants and needs.


Harnessing journey mapping for marketing

So why is this important to Marketing? Well, if you don’t properly understand your customers’ needs then some of what you do, in terms of messaging and content, may not result in the desired action you’d like to see from the customer.

How do we prevent this? You should always start by creating a Customer Journey Map as, for Marketeers, it will then help to explain the journey a customer goes through when deciding what brand(s) to prescribe for their patients.

The information and data you collect from the mapping process is different to what you might get from other sources, thus, providing a full picture of all experiences. By also understanding the patient journey as much as possible, it means you can more accurately interpret the influence the patient can have on your customer.


Making sure your maps move with the times

Taking a data driven approach to customer and patient journey mapping is critical if you want to get it right – and technology can help you harness this, making sure your maps move with the times and are adjusted to ensure your customer needs are continuingly being met.

As we all know, the world of Pharma where we continuously develop new innovative treatments doesn’t stop still – and, as a result, customer needs will change – so it’s important you keep up with the changes. Well, when we say you, we mean technology. Used in the right way, technology can make the changes for you.

So if you really want to know your customers, take our lesson on Customer and Patient Journey Mapping to find out how – it might just make all the difference to success or failure when Marketing your brand.


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