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If you are a Circus Street learner, you can join our global alumni group on LinkedIn to make new connections, start conversations and be the first to hear of anything new from Circus Street. Join Now.

To update your education and qualifications on your profile you can:

Add Circus Street as Education

To add Circus Street to the Education on your LinkedIn, simply scroll down to that section of your profile and click the ‘plus’ button to add a new Education provider to your LinkedIn.

Enter the details as follows:

School – Circus Street

Degree – Digital Training

Field of Study– Digital & Business Strategy

Grade – as we do not grade individuals, you can leave this field empty

From Year / To Year – if you are currently using Circus Street, this will be the year you began the course to the present day. If you have used Circus Street in the past, this will be the year you began the course to the year you completed it.

Media – If you have achieved our certificate of completion, you can attach it here. You can also link to the Circus Street website.




Add Circus Street Certification

If you have achieved a Circus Street Certificate of Completion, you can also add this to your profile. Simply click here and enter the details as below:

Name – Circus Street

Issuing Organisation – Circus Street (this should automatically appear as you start typing – just be sure you select the option that’s already on LinkedIn!)

Credential ID – as we don’t give out individual ID numbers, you can leave this field empty

Dates – this will be the month you are certified from e.g. Jan 2021

Credential URL

Add Media - upload your certificate or badge PDF here



If you have any questions about joining the Circus Street LinkedIn community, you can email us at

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