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Data and analytics are among the fastest-growing sectors worldwide, and over 95% of employees want digital skills to adapt to job changes. Investing in your team’s upskilling is the winning strategy to build a competitive edge for your company and boost employee retention.

But while L&D departments are now prioritizing upskilling and reskilling programs, choosing a data and analytics course that truly meets the unique needs of your team is all but easy. In this blog, find the must-have features of a comprehensive and effective digital training course.


The importance of upskilling your team’s data and analytics knowledge: at a glance

The data and analytics sector is developing at an unprecedented rate — and for more than one reason. According to statistics by Raconteur, the world is increasingly relying on data, causing the volume of data produced and stored to surpass the 463 exabytes mark by 2025.

On the other hand, the global economy is undergoing a drastic shift towards digitalization, and studies by the World Economic Forum show that data science and AI jobs will be at the forefront of this transformation. What’s more, most jobs will require data analytics skills, even outside the data and AI sectors, requiring 60% of the current workforce to acquire new competencies and upskill their current ones.

But when it comes to implementing digital upskilling, the learning program you choose can make a difference. 


Determining your data and analytics needs

The first step towards choosing the right data and analytics training course is to determine your needs. Pinpointing your company’s current skills gap and understanding how each role within your organization will develop is key to finding the right upskilling training course. 

Consider carrying out a skill gap analysis and consult industry experts to understand how the field will develop in the future.

Choosing the right digital skills provider


Choose a scalable learning program

Your company isn’t static and your team can develop over time, expand internationally or transition remotely. Because of these dynamics and the rate at which Data and AI fields are developing, it’s important for the program you choose to be scalable. Some of the key aspects to consider include:

  • Learner-centric programs that support group learning as well as one-to-one training
  • Multi-channel delivery to allow employees to learn from their desks, on mobile and remotely
  • Secure and accessible infrastructures that guarantee a secure learning experience across your organization


Find a course that's up-to-date with industry trends 

Relevancy and freshness are important features to look for in any digital upskilling program, but they’re even more so when investing in a data and analytics learning program for your team. 

This sector ranks as one of the fastest-growing ones and is developing at an unprecedented rate. In turn, if you choose a two or three-year-old course, the skills and knowledge you’ll deliver to your team might be inefficient and outdated. 

Consider combining foundational knowledge courses such as the Circus Street Data Course with refresher courses to keep your employees up to date.


Check the breadth and depth of the course library 

The data and analytics sector encapsulates a wide range of topics, niches and fields, including data visualization, AI, machine learning, data collection and more. And, your team simply might not need to become experts in all aspects. 

For example, depending on your needs, core tasks and daily operations, you might opt for niche topics, such as Data Ethics courses, which can help you safely handle data collection, privacy and storage tasks. 

That’s why it’s crucial to pinpoint what skills you need and look for those exact topics in the curriculum provided by a digital learning platform.


Design a tailored data & analytics learning journey for your team

No two businesses — or the data and analytics skills they need — are exactly the same. That’s why it’s essential to partner with a specialized training program provider who can guide you in choosing the best training courses for your company and your team.  

If you’re ready to start designing a tailored learning journey for your team, download our comparison guide or get in touch to find a training course that fits your digital upskilling goals. Get your free copy below.

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