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Here at Circus Street, we’re thrilled that our Digital Marketing Courses have received OMCA accreditation, cementing our position at the forefront of digital marketing training.

It means we’re now an approved provider of training for the OMCA Digital Marketing Certification. After passing an extensive, and detailed evaluation, our Digital Marketing Courses exceeded the requirements set by the OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional). 

To become an OMCP Registered Education Provider we had to demonstrate the very highest standards of experience, education and knowledge.

“It’s not an easy evaluation,” says Michael Stebbins, director at OMCP. “Only the most thorough courses pass and OMCP is happy to confirm that Circus Street showed the quality and coverage necessary to prepare candidates for the OMCA exam.”

Covering topics such as Content Marketing, Digital Analytics and SEO, our newly accredited OMCA Preparatory Course has been specifically designed to prepare learners for the completion of the OMCA Certification for Digital Marketers. 

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OMCP is an independent industry association that maintains the digital marketing standards used for exams, certification, employee evaluation, and readiness testing. It issues credentials to individual practitioners, agencies and educational establishments. 

“We recognise the important role OMCP has as an industry standard for digital marketing educators and practitioners,” says Richard Townsend, our Co-Founder and CEO. “We value the official confirmation that our participants will learn a verified baseline of accepted practices that will prepare them for industry certification.”

Described as “dynamic” and “engaging”, our courses in digital marketing verify knowledge of key digital marketing concepts and offer a comprehensive insight into digital marketing using cutting-edge and interactive educational techniques.

Our OMCA Preparatory Course is perfect for managers of marketing teams, those with less than two years of experience in digital marketing, or as a first step towards earning an OMCP certification.

For more information, download our OMCA Exam Preparatory Course PDF or contact us today to register!

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