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We’re celebrating!

We’re excited to announce that Circus Street has been ranked 5th on Fast Company’s fourth annual list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators, joining the likes of Microsoft, T-Mobile, Adobe, PayPal and many others.

And it doesn’t stop there — we’re also a finalist on the Midsized Companies list.

So what does this mean for you and us? Let’s take you through it.


The award

Written for and about progressive business leaders, Fast Company is a media brand shining a light on innovation in technology, creativity, new ideas, leadership and more.

Every year, they create a shortlist of the Best Workplaces for Innovators in partnership with Accenture. We couldn’t be happier that we’ve been listed at position five, ahead of some of the biggest companies in the world.

The award signifies our commitment to cultivating innovation, progressive ideas and bright minds. We recognize that without our employees, we wouldn’t be where we are today — providing a game-changing education platform to help your employees grow and succeed.



“These innovative organizations have cultures that offer meaningful employee engagement and a chance to change the world” — Paul Daugherty, Group Chief Executive of Technology and CTA at Accenture.



What this means

We’ve put a lot of hard work and dedication into achieving this coveted status. But what does it say about us?

  • Our people are among the best of the best -  Innovation is at the core of our culture and our people are what makes that happen. We invest in our people through training and development, allowing employees to push the boundaries for our product and service.
  • A partner you can trust - Being recognized by one of the most respected publications displays our commitment to improving and providing digital skills training. 
  • A high-quality, innovative platform - Fostering an environment for creative thinking means we’ve been able to introduce lots of new features such as a virtual production suite, new Circus Street branding, the use of 3D environments and game-based learning.
  • Attracting the best talent - Making ourselves a go-to place for people to work.
  • Dedicated to helping you succeed - We don’t want to hold onto all this success for ourselves. We want to help your teams to grow and achieve through our digital upskilling platform. How are we doing this? We’re constantly using innovation to drive our platform into the future, exploring new ways to engage learners and help them apply the knowledge in real-world settings.



“This is an amazing award for Circus Street. To be highlighted as a global leader in innovation by the fast company is a testament to the amazing people who helped build our business, our product and our reputation as the world's best provider of digital education for the enterprise.” — Jonny Townsend, Circus Street Co-Founder and President



What it means for you

The digital learning landscape is never static. It’s constantly changing and evolving, with new technologies coming into action every day. To keep up with this, you’ll need a forward-thinking partner focused on innovation and committed to upskilling your workforce

Our vision is to modernize education, making it relevant in a world of continuous change.

This award shows just how committed we are to achieving your training goals. By hiring the best talent, fostering an innovative culture and investing in product development, we’re confident that we’re delivering the best learning platform available.

Want to see what we’ve achieved for our clients? Check out our case studies to explore the possibilities.



“From the beginning, we wanted Circus Street to be a place where the most innovative talent would love to work and thrive. We chose Learning as an area to ply our trade because we knew it would benefit hugely from new approaches and creative ideas. Our teams are changing how digital learning connects with people, bringing opportunity and prosperity to a global workforce.

"To be seen as one of the top 5 innovative workplaces globally by a company whose express intent is to find and promote the companies that will shape the future of business is amazing recognition for what our teams have achieved. This award is because of and for them.” — Richard Townsend, Circus Street Co-Founder and CEO



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