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Looking for unparalleled reach, the latest technology and the best customer experience? Then partnering with Amazon might be the answer for you.

But it isn't as simple as setting up your store on Amazon and you're good to go. There are guidelines to follow, requirements to meet and analytics tools to understand. There are also regular updates — so how do your teams keep up?

That's where we come in. We offer Amazon training courses that cover the basics, arming you with the practical knowledge and tools your business needs to succeed in this competitive sector.

Want to find out more? Keep reading to discover the benefits of our Amazon training courses.


1. Current, accurate information

eCommerce is an industry that's constantly evolving, minute by minute. To keep up, you need to consume accurate knowledge that's both timely and relevant. At Circus Street, we understand the importance of this.

Our lessons are updated regularly to ensure they feature the most up-to-date information. The benefit? Your eCommerce teams will be armed with relevant knowledge that translates into tangible actions and results for your business.


2. Practical outcomes

While theory is helpful, we want your employees to walk away with practical knowledge they can immediately implement within your organization. There's no time like the present, particularly when capitalizing on the opportunities Amazon eCommerce offers.

Our Amazon training modules cover practical learnings in areas such as Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA), Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA), terms, allowances, product logistics and optimized listings.


3. Teams prepared for challenges

Challenges are a fact of business life. It's better to be prepared for them than ignore them and be caught off guard. Naturally, working with one of the biggest eCommerce giants in the world will present challenges for businesses.

Amazon is constantly changing and there are many rules to follow. Our Amazon training takes you through some of these risks and how to overcome them, so you can prepare your teams for whatever they may face.


4. Take advantage of the opportunities

On the other hand, there are so many opportunities and benefits that you can take advantage of by working with Amazon. For many, these far outweigh the challenges.

Immense exposure, constant traffic and increased sales make Amazon attractive for businesses looking to succeed in eCommerce. We'll outline these benefits, so you can understand how to harness them and make them a focal point for your strategies.

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5. Track the impact

Naturally, you'll want to track the impact of your Amazon efforts. Our Amazon Best Practices module dives deeper into the day-to-day of working with Amazon, providing you with the training your employees need to analyze and track the performance of your business with Amazon.

But before you get there, you'll also want to make sure our Amazon training has had an impact itself. At Circus Street, we understand that proving impact is one of the most critical factors for L&D teams. That's why we offer a reporting function so you can track how your teams are progressing through their courses.


6. Available globally

Just as Amazon is a global business, so are we. To date, we've delivered impactful training to over 600,000 learners in over 150 countries. Because of our global reach, we tailor our training content accordingly. 

The Circus Street platform is available in 12 languages, so you grant your employees access to our Amazon training courses, no matter where they're located.


7. We'll make the knowledge stick

We've all been there — we've taken a course that isn't engaging, switched off and left feeling none the wiser. One of our core values is to create engaging lessons that deliver real value.

But a big part of that is making the knowledge stick, so your employees can start using their new-found knowledge and your training budget has a healthy ROI. We do this by conducting pre and post-assessments, and we can even organize post-training workshops for additional learning.


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