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15 Oct 2020

How the ‘micro’ method is bringing new meaning to eLearning

The bite-size approach has transformed how we consume content and is now changing the face of eLearning. Our latest article looks at how micro-credentials are equipping companies and teams worldwide for the future of work, and how Circus Street’s Spotlights are helping companies like Nike digitally upskill their workforces.

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14 Sep 2020

How eCommerce Is Changing in the face of Covid-19

eCommerce businesses need to accelerate not just the technology they work with, but to upskill their teams efficiently and en masse to keep pace with demand. Find out more from omnichannel advisor Edda Blumenstein, Philipp Kubitschek from Adidas, Estée Lauder and our own CEO Richard Townsend on the most crucial team development shifts for both short and long term success.

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