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Strategy and Innovation

Avoid Competitor FOMO: Here's What the Most Innovative CPG Brands Are Doing Right Now

Non-alcoholic spirits brand Pentire, toiletries brand This Works and Asian food brand Itsu Grocery a…

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Learning and Development

Aligning Digital Learning with Business Transformation

The pandemic has pushed companies to adjust to new ways of connecting with their customers, building…

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Learning and Development

Social and emotional learning rising to the top of the class for today’s leaders

As managers face unprecedented responsibility for their teams’ wellbeing, how are social and emotion…

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Learning and Development

“Freedom within a framework”: how learning has unified Sanofi’s global teams

The Sanofi University online learning platform is giving the pharmaceutical giant the resilience to …

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Learning and Development

How the ‘micro’ method is bringing new meaning to eLearning

The bite size approach has transformed how we consume content, and is now changing the face of profe…

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How eCommerce Is Changing in the face of Covid-19

The continuing pandemic has seen homebound consumers drive an overwhelming demand for online purchas…

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