Are your Product Launch Campaigns for Pharma & Healthcare Delivering Ultimate Impact?


Having had the privilege of contributing to many country, regional and global launches, as well as working with healthcare organizations to enhance omnichannel capabilities, I have first-hand insight into the challenges of maximizing the impact of digital campaigns in a pressured launch setting. As the launch landscape continues to evolve, the pressure on measurable digital success is growing evermore.

When Uptake Strategies was given the opportunity to partner with Circus Street on an exciting new series of in-depth lessons, I was delighted that we could produce content which focuses on some of the biggest questions and challenges faced when developing digital campaigns in the context of Product Launch Campaigns for Pharma & Healthcare.

Can you really stay customer-focused under the pressure of launch?

Yes! The secret to success when it comes to being customer- and patient-centric lies in working collaboratively and cross-functionally. It’s incredibly rewarding to be involved, but because there are few second chances when it comes to launch, it’s also a very intense time; structure and planning are crucial, along with flexibility and agility.

This is especially true of digital campaigns for launch, which need careful strategic planning and strong leadership, as well as the ability to keep pace with the technological changes that drive customer engagement. It’s all too easy to get side-tracked by internal demands and metrics, rather than remaining focused on customer experiences. Once this customer-centricity is lost, launch success is inevitably compromised.

A key theme running throughout this training series is how to stay focused on what really matters, and the role of digital both alongside and in combination with, non-digital interactions. The lessons will cover how to create a blended “go-to-market” strategy for a new product launch which is superior for customers and more effective at achieving launch goals.


Are you truly working seamlessly within your organization and with your customer interfaces?

One thing I frequently observe as a barrier to launch success is working too rigidly in functional or singular work streams. This is a real danger if you are trying to develop and deliver digital campaigns, as these must be seamless across functions and work streams, so that in turn, they are seamless for customers.

Within the series, you’ll discover the secrets to working cross-functionally and strategically, and gain the skills to demonstrate to your colleagues the many ways digital campaigns can positively impact their launch goals.


Are you confident that you are making the best decisions about content, format and channels?

Marketing has always been about communicating the right message, to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. Digital campaign development and delivery embodies every aspect of this mantra. Our practical advice will provide you with the ability to confidently make decisions around content, format and channels, giving your digital campaigns the best chance of hitting the sweet spot.


Have you built performance optimization into your plan?

The key to digital campaign success lies in the customer data. This means that from the outset, you must be aware of what data will inform your decision making. It is crucial that you create a robust plan to gather and track it – and constantly use it to pragmatically and rapidly respond by modifying and refining your campaign, continuously improving performance. With only a short time to achieve the sales trajectory that will set the course for a product, you really cannot underestimate the importance of keeping your eye on the data.

I guess that’s one of the reasons why I’m so passionate about launch and digital campaigns; I like being agile when I learn something new from the data or uncover different ways of driving success. If you feel this way too, Product Launch Campaigns for Pharma & Healthcare is going be a perfect accompaniment to your everyday role.

Whether your new product launch is imminent or several years away, and whether you are experienced or new to the pharma and healthcare environment, this course will equip you with thinking tools, frameworks and practical advice to get you all set to develop digital campaigns fit for launch success.  

About Uptake Strategies

Uptake Strategies is a global healthcare consultancy with strong values, actively driving uptake across the pharma and biotech industry. The Uptake Team is unrelenting in their mission to inspire exceptional performance, to deliver work that positively changes more patients’ lives. 


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